Citadel Station was constructed to orbit above Briarwood Health Center - Building 2 . , These responses will earn you dark side points, bringing you closer to the ways of the evil path. Make one for your main character at the first lab station on Peragus and always have 3 or 4 in your inventory. , You awaken on the floor in front of a Kelto tank. The medical bay is back up on Residence Module 082 West. Speak to the Gamorrean by the door in the next room and he will lie to Slusk and grant you access to his office. Save your game whenever passive precognition is triggered, it usually means that there is a battle up ahead. The center of the room is filled with noxious gas emission, so stick to the sides near the wall. Search the other corpse to find a droid deflector.Equip the vibroblade and ready yourself for combat. Attack the orbs from a distance and when they explode they will cause damage to surrounding enemies. Follow it around and take the exit to the Fuel Depot. Shoot them from long range or youll take damage. This room also contains a computer terminal that can be used to overload the droid recharging stations. When you enter at #4 youll meet up with Atton and Kreia to form a party. There are groups of Gamorreans inside the building. The secret Academy is not large but once you leave, you can never return. This pad describes the dangers you will face in the next room. Tell them to teach him a lesson to earn dark side points after they kill him. In any case, search every bin, footlocker, corpse and conceivable container for free items, as you can either break them down (new in KotOR II) at a workbench or lab station for useful components, or sell the ones you won't use and get . Travel to the container to the south and there should be two open doors in this area. Once youre halfway around the walkway youll have a chat with Atton. On the platform outside, look out for the vented smoke blowing out of the station. This should be used against the two shielded droids guarding the ramp back up to the control station. The security cameras also show a number of unfriendly mining bots up ahead. Only then will you be allowed into the apartment to make the deal. There are 11 locations in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (including ships): Contents 1 Endar Spire 2 Taris 3 Dantooine 4 Tatooine 5 Kashyyyk 6 Manaan 7 Yavin 4 8 Korriban 9 Lehon 10 Star Forge 11 Leviathan Endar Spire Your starting point in the game. Or, if you tremble at the thought of facing more enemies, use a computer spike to cancel the droid's mining of organic life.In the four corners of the room there are fuel containment units. He needs four parts to be repaired, of which you already have the vocabulator. Bao-Dur will not take kindly to this behavior and your influence with him will drop if you ignore his complaints. Search the south passage for some items in the escape pod bay. Your link has been automatically embedded. You can use this voice code later to open an airlock. There is a plasteel container in this room with a medpack inside. . Travel to docking bay number 2 and show the guard you credentials to enter the facility. From StrategyWiki, the video game walkthrough and strategy guide wiki, Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords/Implants, Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords, Also don't forget that you can travel back to Citidel Station (assuming that you haven't progressed to far through Nar Shadaar and can leave) And use the Lab Station in the residentual module 082 (Where the Ithorians have their base). Also, open the small room containing the sabotaged droids and a record of their destruction. Check the terminal at the top of the platform to find the best method for obtaining the Ebon Hawk. Also, scavenge the broken droids to the right of the bench for components. Listen to all of the holo recordings here and notice that the kolto station to the left of the console is still active and can be used to heal you. The doors to the Ebon Hawk are sealed but you can use a Part to repair the Hangar Control console. Then, use the computer terminal in the middle of the room to access the camera functions. Threaten to melt him into scrap if he complains and you will be teleported directly to the Czerka offices. With this you will be able to open the airlock door. Where on Nar Shaddah can I find a lab bench? The lab stations in KotOR II are every bit as useful as the workbenches. 2022. Book your tickets now! , You will be placed under house arrest in a dormitory. Guide part 7 , Behind Atton there is a navigational chart that shows the Ebon Hawk's destination. There are a total of four droids in this area, use the stealth generator to get the jump on one of them and then keep your medpacks handy for the battle ahead. Hey all, I started my first play through of Kotor II recently, and I wanted to know if there are any general tips you can give me for a first run Kotor 2 Jedi Robes. Run through the superheated blast tunnel to avoid taking much damage. Quote Link to comment Share on other sites More sharing options. Use your Plasma Torch to break through the door. In the next area there are two attack droids behind a wall of mines. , Travel to the docking bay. Then, access the droid functions and reassign droids to mine sealed doors to open up a new area. Inside one of them youll find a Stealth Field Generator. This implant does use relatively experimental nano-technology to speed healing, but relies more on coagulants and solid doses of pain relievers. They are easily killed with a few blasts of force lightning. Kill him to keep him quiet. KORRIBAN VERSION HISTORY - 1.0: Original upload (Nov 2019) - 1.1: A few edits, along with contributions from Cerberusiv (April 2020) - 1.2: Added a puzzle quick reference guide at the end, along with a few more edits (May 2020) - 1.2: Added a DISCLAIMER - see below (Oct 2022) DISCLAIMER: - My guide has now been online for almost three years. Once inside, walk across the docking bay to the storage facility. This is also an opportunity to converse with your team members and gain influence. Head back and take the exit to the east. Dodge or disarm the mines and grab the Basic Ionite Edge that you can use to upgrade a weapon later. Continue through this room to finally reach the Ebon Hawk. , Inside Slusks office he asks what your motives are, and you reply that you simply want him dead. This strange looking alien refers to you as general and has the ability to disrupt shields. kotor 2 lab station locationsbond for deed homes in laplace, labond for deed homes in laplace, la Follow the path to the left and take out the Mark II droid. The guns also have a cold status effect.Take a left at the corpse (south) and enter a storage room. You can also search the apartment next to this one to find a footlocker. , Next, access the fuel containment functions and shut down the containment fields. . workbench kotor 2 About This File This mod makes it so that you can use Remote as a workbench or lab station while on the move, in case you need to upgrade something or use a few components on the move. These healing containers can be used at any point to fully restore health. Enter the airlock and grab the space suit from the locker. Theres a broken droid here that you can repair for a little extra assistance. Not all characters respect the same thing, so every conversation will be different.To the east of the entrance to the Harbinger is a door leading to the bridge of the ship. Keep them back and have them attack the turrets at the end of the field from a distance. Search the corpse to find a data pad explaining the reason behind the frag mines she was carrying. At the end of the next hall there are around 5 mining droids and some floating droids that attack with electric blasts. Respond with a lie that Chodo would like you to pick up the shields for inspection. Then disable the next force shield and fight three more military droids. 3) Kreia & the Morgue There are two corpses lying on the beds. On the north side of this room there is a plasteel container. Pick a fight with him and kill him to earn dark side points. Bribe him for the info and return to Grenn to collect the reward. Also, ask about what the TSF plans on doing for a fuel source since the destruction of Peragus. He asks what you are doing in his offices. kotor 2 lab station locations. Now, equip the plasma torch and use it to bash the smoking door next to the morgue. , Go down the ramp and battle two more mining droids and then enter the Paragus Fuel Depot at the bottom of the ramp. Take care of his levels and equip him with the most powerful items. Demand a final payment for the quest and he will give you a discount at his store. Also don't forget that you can travel back to Citidel Station (assuming that you haven't progressed to far through Nar Shadaar and can leave) And use the Lab Station in the residentual module 082 (Where the Ithorians have their base). Travel through the offices until you reach Jana Lorso behind a desk. The door down the hall will now be open. If you feel like being a nice guy, decide to let him out without hesitation. , The suit automatically equips as you exit the airlock. This power works like spider sense and is activated by possible danger in the future. The next area is a dead end and contains two mining droids but it also holds some important equipment. In the next area, Bao-Dur will initiate a conversation with you when you head out to the beach. Since you have shut down the fields, a number of droids are now m free to attack you. When the enemies in this area have been killed you will find a locked airlock, a droid control station, and a turbo life to the administration level. Reply that you are there to kill him and he will order his guards to attack. During this conversation you will have the option to intimidate the old woman and refuse her help in order to earn dark side points. All items (4) # A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z The activation of the reactor also releases a tank droid which is waiting in the hanger next to the orbital transport ship. Hey all, I started my first play through of Kotor II recently, and I wanted to know if there are any general tips I honestly dont think there is a lab bench on nar shadaa.hmmm.strange, There are no lab benches on Nar Shadaar, if you are playing as a female Exile the Disciple can act as a portable Lab bench. There are four mercenaries in the Lobby armed with blaster rifles. Continue into the central mining core and fight the mining droids on either side of the circular room. , Around the next corner there are more attack droids until you reach ramp containing a computer console. Czerka Offices Dark Path The Czerka offices can be entered from the Residential Module 082 East. Use the camera function and look at the Dormitory West. If you inspect the rear of the ship it will restore the party's health for no apparent reason. Click on Call up Emergency System Schematics and then Open Emergency Hatch on Peragus Administration Level. This time go to the south. Check the cafeteria for a corpse with a data pad describing a hidden weapons cache in the dormitory area.Return to the north and enter the dormitories. Back to the Knights of the Old Republic 2 Walkthrough, Copyright Go through the door and continue to the exit to the Fuel Depot. Head through and then open the door to the east. This door is locked, so open the door to the right of it to find an inactive HK-47 protocol droid. You should be able to re-route the sub-system commands to the terminal in the Fuel Depot. Stick to ranged attacks for these enemies, or risk running through the mine field in front of them. Use the communications console in the back of the medical facility and you will receive a message directing you to Apartment B3. Head back to the Administration Computer. Before entering the game, be sure to buy some better cards from the woman near the swoop racing entry desk. Then, take the middle passage to continue on to the crew quarters. 10) Administration Computer Use the computer to contact Hangar Bay 25. Speak harshly to him to gain further disapproval and leave the room.Battle Against HKAs you walk out of the terminal, the team will be confronted by the assassin droid from earlier. Kill the droid in this area and. Then, choose one maiden at a time and take them down using force lightning. The exits at #4 and #5 will be sealed for now so skip down to #7. Gamer Walkthroughs --- Contact Us --- Privacy ---, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Cowabunga Collection Released, Starship Troopers: Terran Command Released. Clearly, the game does not expect you to create an Exile that is capable of single-handedly creating the most powerful items in the game without any help. The sealed door should now be open and the path clear to access #6, the Exit to the Mining Tunnels. First, remember that the mercenaries like to use shields, so a lot of melee attacks will be deflected. Its not really such a big deal. Stay to the outside of the walkway to avoid taking damage. 8) Secret If you found the miners datapad at #5 then youll have a clue about this secret. 20176 mois. It has no direct negative side effects, as its user is still fully aware of his body's current state of health. , Facing the reactor, travel to the right and then straight to pick up some components and parts from busted droids. This system supplants the user's normal nervous system, enhancing it artificially. Entering this code does not activate the lift, but it does produce a journal entry telling you to check the camera logs. Installation of KoTOR II. Mercenaries mode is a special mode in Resident Evil 4 Remake that challenges players to survive and score as many points as they can against waves of enemies, with all sorts of ways to extend time, gain score multipliers, and more. The code is 7, 5, 13, 17, 3. This implant effectively increases the user's strength without the need for additional muscle mass through a combination of autonomic regulatory center management and small doses of adrenal stimulants. There is also a workbench where the vibroblade can be upgraded with the basic ionite edge. To the east, you will find the cafeteria, which is protected by four droids including a Mark II. Search the lockers to grab the shield and return to Dobo's shop. First, go down the hall leading to the southwest. Please do not contact the blood drawing station for test result information. This page was last edited on 2 March 2021, at 00:30. Search the room for items then take the west exit. , Going through the center leads to a large battle, but its one that can be won. . You can either return her to her boyfriend for light side points, or keep her as your slave for dark side points.
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