J Heller

Former manager of N.W.A, Jerry Heller is very unhappy about the Straight Out of Compton Oscar potential He is already suing everyone connected with the movie for defamation. Other Links: TMZ Business Insider


Bill Cosby charged with “aggravated indecent assault” Additional Link: CNN

Rest in Peace Anthony

Last week we lost, Anthony Tolson, a member of the Ne-Yo/Compound Family. Although, he wasn’t a current member of Ne-Yo’s band… After we work together, we are all family for life and it’s always love! If you are able to make a donation, small or large, here’s a link to the GoFundMe account set up…

Chris Paul & Kevin Hart

Additional Link: TMZ


“The Wiz Live: Crushes Peter Pan”


Time Magazine says “The Wiz Live: Was NBC’s best live musical yet”