Creating the perfect marriage of live musicianship and technological styles, the Phatboiz take pride in bringing a refreshing sound to the current musical landscape; one that pays homage to the very foundation of music and also embraces the maturation of the recording process. Brought together by strong jazz musical backgrounds and a dash of fate, Philly Phatboi Entertainment is comprised of Allen “Bizkit” Arthur, Clayton “Gravy” Reilly, and Keith “Butta” Justice.

Each of them adds a distinctive element that makes up their “PHAT” sound which pumps throughout every track they produce. Thier production on “I Miss You Now” from Ledisi’s GRAMMY nominated project Pieces of Me propelled them to the forefront of the industry. Their single “Tonight (Best you ever had)” by John Legend ft. Ludacris, which is on the “Think Like A Man” soundtrack and featured throughout the movie is a great illustration of what Butta describes as“the perfect bed for the vocal to rest in.”

When explained, Their creative process is like listening to a recipe. According to Gravy, “Butta adds the meat and potatoes, by adding keys and bass, Bizkit is the bread of the meal, programming drums and mixing, and he (Gravy) adds the seasoning with the special effects, string and vocal arrangements.”

Studying, crafting and mastering their sound and skills together since 2007, Phatboi celebrated their hard work by inking a publishing deal as a joint venture between John Legend’s Homeschool Entertainment and Cerry Lane/BMG in 2010 and later signed to Compound Management in 2011. Moving full speed ahead, Phatboi has recently wrapped up work with John Legend, Neyo, and Miguel and have a full schedule of heavy hitters ahead of them. Implored to help craft the sound of new artists, they are also diligently working with newcomer Dunson, a hip hop MC/lyricist who recently released a project “The Investment”, which is primarily produced by the Phatboiz.

“Timeless, classic, and emotional” is the legacy that the Phatboiz believe their music will leave behind. Setting out to make their imprint on the pages of music history, they’re off to a running start.