More than a decade after it revolutionized music ownership with digital downloads through iTunes, Apple Inc. is again trying to change how consumers listen to their favorite songs with a new subscription streaming service and a renewed push into Internet radio. At its developers’ conference next week, Apple is expected to announce a new set…


O’Reilly shared his opinion on the study during the “Talking Points” segment of his show. Bill O’ Reilly believes Hip Hop is causing some Americans to “reject religion.” During a recent episode of The O’Reilly Factor, the political commentator addressed a Pew Research study that shows in the past eight years, the number of Americans…


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At its height, “American Idol” minted breakout stars and drew more than 30 million viewers an episode. It was the No. 1 broadcast show for eight years, provided a boon to an ailing music industry and was the sort of appointment television that industry executives are desperately trying to recreate. Read Full Article


You can always count on Ne-Yo to make a hit song. Whether it’s R&B or Pop, he will find a way to get his voice on the radio. Need proof of that? He currently has two singles blowing up simultaneously on the charts right now and they sound nothing alike. His fun record record “Time…