J Heller

Former manager of N.W.A, Jerry Heller is very unhappy about the Straight Out of Compton Oscar potential He is already suing everyone connected with the movie for defamation. Other Links: TMZ Business Insider

Chris Paul & Kevin Hart

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Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s next opponent will be 31-year-old welterweight Andre Berto, according to a report from TMZ Sports. While the September 12 fight hasn’t been confirmed by Mayweather’s camp or a network, Mayweather has mentioned Berto’s name in the past. Berto also tweeted that he was excited to “be in the running” to fight Mayweather….


Tyga’s getting federal backup in his mission to nail the person he says leaked photos of his exposed penis. Tyga’s legal team tells TMZ, they notified the FBI on Wednesday morning … about the photos which recently popped up on a blog post claiming Tyga sent them during a sexting session. His attorney Lee Hutton…

ATLANTA, GA - MAY 26:  Rick Ross on Set of  " Neighborhood Drug dealer " Video Shoot at Local Studio Sound Stage on May 26, 2015 in Atlanta, Georgia.  (Photo by Prince Williams/WireImage)

After allegedly kidnapping man & assaulting him with a gun, Rick Ross is out of jail on bond. The 39-year-old rapper appeared in a Georgia courtroom Thursday with his lawyer’s $2 million request for bond approved by the judge, according to TMZ. Ross paid his bond, pulling $1 million equity from boxer Evander Holyfield’s former…


UPDATE: Rick Ross appeared in court in Georgia with his lawyer. Rick Ross appeared in court in Georgia today (July 1), TMZ reports. The site says that the rapper’s attorney plans to argue that the MMG executive should be released on bail. (The original version of this story appeared June 24, 2015.) Rick Ross was…