After allegedly kidnapping man & assaulting him with a gun, Rick Ross is out of jail on bond.

The 39-year-old rapper appeared in a Georgia courtroom Thursday with his lawyer’s $2 million request for bond approved by the judge, according to TMZ.

Ross paid his bond, pulling $1 million equity from boxer Evander Holyfield’s former estate he bought last year that’s valued at more than $5 million. He got the remainder from a $500,000 corporate surety bond from a bond bailsman and threw in $500,000 cash.

Ross’ attorney said he would forfeit the entire Holyfield mansion, if the rapper does anything to obstruct justice or intimidate any witness.

Ross is accused of kidnapping and pistol whipping a grounds keeper at his property. He was arrested on June 24 and taken to the Fayette County Jail, where was held until Thursday’s release.

Rick Ross Denied Bail After Allegedly Kidnapping Man & Assaulting Him With a Gun

In court Thursday, TMZ reports, prosecutors reminded the judge of Ross’ viciousness in his crime against the victim. He was allegedly upset that the groundskeeper — who lives on the property — had people over for his birthday the night before the incident and dragged him into the house multiple times when he tried to leave, held a gun to his chest and threatened to shoot him if he talked.

Ross also agreed to 24-hour electronic monitoring, GPS location monitoring that would keep track of him at all times.