In Dope, actor Shameik Moore and his nerdy friends adorn ­themselves in Cross Colours hats and Run-D.M.C. tees, dig through crates for classic rap vinyl and write ­college admission essays on the importance of Ice Cube’s “It Was a Good Day.” But while shooting the buzzed-about movie (in theaters June 19), the 20-year-old actor was bedeviled by an archaic piece of audio equipment. Over and over, he struggled to pop a tape into a vintage Sony WM-F10 Walkman. “It made me feel really young because I didn’t know how to work a…,” says Moore, trailing off. “What do you call it? A tape player?”

The ‘Dope’ Soundtrack Is Awesome, Starting With This Hilarious Pharrell-Produced Song

Such is the generational schism in a film that is both a contemporary teen comedy and a love paean to ’90s hip-hop. Dope tells the story of Malcolm (played by Moore), a retro-rap-obsessed straight-A student/musician from a rough neighborhood in present-day Los Angeles who gets pulled into a criminal life when he’s inadvertently saddled with several kilos of a drug dealer’s molly. The film was executive-produced by Pharrell Williams and Sean “Diddy” Combs, and music is ­inescapable in it. Along with Moore, a singer-rapper who put out the mixtape I Am Da Beat in 2012 and danced in ­several Soulja Boy videos, Dope features starring roles from A$AP Rocky and Zoe Kravitz (of the rock band Lolawolf). A legion of young ­rappers, including Vince Staples, Tyga, Kap G and Casey Veggies, make cameos. The score and soundtrack, assembled by Williams and available June 16 on Columbia, is heavy on ­classic records like Nas’ 1994 “The World Is Yours” and A Tribe Called Quest’s 1991 “Scenario.”

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