After an altercation last year at Club Liv, Diddy and Drake have allegedly made up.

Among all the stealthy disses on Drake’s If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late, the one on “Used To” aimed at Diddy (“Real quick, man, you couldn’t have hated that / Let’s be real, nigga, you couldn’t have made it that”) was the most timely, coming mere weeks after the mogul allegedly slapped him over a Boi-1da beat. It now appears that the two rap titans have settled their differences, as TMZ reports that they hopped on a diplomatic phone call with each other mid-April.

Citing the fact that they’re “going to cross paths several times” at various events this summer, the gossip site reports that Drizzy and Puff have called a truce. Perhaps, with Money Making Mitch on the way, Diddy was looking for some more Boi-1da beats? Let us know your thoughts below.