Today, Jay Z’s music streaming site has announced that they now have a new co-owner (to join the many others). Lil Wayne, one of the most respected and hardest-working rappers in hip-hop history, has signed on to promote Tidal.

As if his signing on as a partial owner of the (seemingly) artist-first platform wasn’t going to make enough of a splash, the rapper has premiered a new song exclusively on Tidal. “Glory” is the first single from the hip-hop star’s upcoming album FWA (Free Weezy Album). Wayne says that his FWA record is exactly what it sounds like—a full album he intends to give away to fans. The rapper can’t put any albums up for sale right now, as he is in the middle of a $51 million lawsuit with his record label, Cash Money, which doesn’t look like it will be ending anytime soon. Never one to sit back and take time off, he is still constantly working, and all that music has to go somewhere.

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