Next Tuesday heralds the worldwide release of Ne-Yo‘s sixth studio album ‘Non Fiction’.

Easily the Grammy winner’s most R&B flavored effort in years, the set has been showered with praise from critics and has fared well commercially with singles ‘She Knows’ and ‘Time Of Our Lives’.
That Grape Juice caught up with the singer-songwriter recently and quizzed him on a number of topics including his return to Urban, his racier image, issues with streaming, and new projects from Rihanna and Janet Jackson.
Ever frank, the star delivered insightful conversation.
Check out our interview with Ne-Yo below…
Ne-Yo Shouts Out That Grape Juice

Sam (That Grape Juice): Hey Ne-Yo! Welcome back to That Grape Juice. We’re excited to talk with you today, as we’re looking forward to your new album ‘Non Fiction’.
Tell us a little about what inspired the title?

Ne-Yo: The title was inspired by the fact that every song on this album is a 100% true story, or based on a 100% true story. This is a very honest album and it is the rebirth of storytelling. That’s an art form that has been lost over the last few years in regard to music. This is storytelling’s rebirth. I want people to actually sit down and pay attention to the lyrics of the songs, as opposed to getting into the incredible musical aspects of it. Half of the stories are mine, going over some of the things that have gone on in my life over the past couple of years. The other half of the stories belongs to my fans.

I’ve reached out via Twitter, Instagram, all that, asking people questions about their lives and their relationships, whatever the case may be. And the responses that really resonated with me turned into songs. So I’ve got to give a shout out to everyone who participated and put in a piece of this puzzle that is nonfiction..

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