Bow Wow is ready to share his advice and expertise to fellow celebrities after James Harden’s recent miscue where a girl posted a picture of herself in bed with the NBA star. Via Facebook, Bow Wow broke down his old methods, which he called the “Leaving no evidence” plan, where he says he would take a girl’s phone for the night if they were hooking up and she would get it back when she left. If he forgot to take it at first, he says he would wait until she was asleep and then he would search for her phone and put it under the bed so he could sleep peacefully. That’s not even the craziest part.

Bow Wow also said he used to have girls sign papers, or nondisclosure agreements, before they hooked up, just to make sure they wouldn’t say anything, and would sometimes sleep in another area of the house and then watch the girls on his security cameras while they slept.

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