Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s next opponent will be 31-year-old welterweight Andre Berto, according to a report from TMZ Sports.

While the September 12 fight hasn’t been confirmed by Mayweather’s camp or a network, Mayweather has mentioned Berto’s name in the past.

Berto also tweeted that he was excited to “be in the running” to fight Mayweather.

The boxing world isn’t exactly jumping for joy over this next fight. If the report is true, it may confirm a popular theory about how Mayweather wants to end his career — with an easy opponent, allowing him to retire undefeated.

Mayweather is 48-0 after a unanimous, 12-round victory over Manny Pacquiao. While Mayweather has suggested his next fight may be his last, some people think he will go for two more easy fights to retire 50-0.

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