The rapper also says Chuck E. Cheese should give him a check.

Kanye West dispels rumors that he kicked kids out of a Chuck E. Cheese. He says to Nessa of Hot97 that he wouldn’t do such a thing and is in a much better place now than a darker time when he would let his drive for success get the best of him.

“Maybe a lot of people that might not have that aspiration can see, misinterpret my passion and misinterpret my understanding of the opportunities we should have, as being overly aggressive,” West says. “If the situation ain’t right, you have to be. But as far as Chuck E. Cheese goes, they should be paying me to even say they name.”

The rapper continues by asking listeners to evaluate his mark on the world.

“If you look at the past 10 years have I contributed more or took away more from the world?” he says. “From music, from stage design, or just from wearing dope-ass coats to the airport, have I contributed or not?”

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